Who is Daniel:

Genius. Prodigy. Impresario. These words aptly describe the musical gifts of national recording artist Daniel Bennett. His musical tenure has been an impressive array of performances with some of the music industry’s top musicians including world class superstars Wale, Tanya Blunt, Backyard Band, and Reesa Renee. He has toured the world amazing audiences with his hard-hitting bass playing style.

Each artist has stretched both Bennett’s reach and repertoire, requiring him to produce fusion sounds of Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Gospel. Like a master chef blending quality ingredients to produce a five-star meal, Bennett’s music satisfies our palate for great music.

Like so many of the world’s great musicians, Daniel Bennett is a jazz multi-instrumentalist whose foundations are rooted in gospel music. It was inevitable that Bennett would be musically inclined drawing influence from his musical mother, father and siblings in church and the Washington, D.C. style of music Go-Go.

Bennett has released his first independently produced single, Because Of You, featuring D.M.V. vocalist Mia Simone, who co-wrote the smooth jazz ballad. The single can be purchased on all major digital markets, like Amazon.com and iTunes now. Remedy is also available for play on Spotify.

At 5 years old, Bennett had already mastered the piano, and excitedly asked his parents to take on more. Today, Bennett proficiently plays 6 instruments including the violin, drums, guitar and most notably, his favorite instrument, the bass.  

By the age of 10, Bennett was hired as his church’s bass guitarist and began to book professional events for national conventions and performing. Daniel donates his musical genius to many civic and philanthropic activities.

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